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Daniel C. Goldman

D.C. Goldman & Associates have more than 20 years experience in corporate development, business finance and strategic business consulting. We are experts, dedicated to the mission of building shareholder value.
We have extensive international business experience with Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Europe and South America including taxes, importing and exporting.

By assisting in the development of your company and determining your mission, strategy and structure we can assist you and your enterprise to reach its goals and maximize your potential.

Daniel C. Goldman – Principal Consultant

My passion is building companies! As a consultant to start ups & ongoing business we act as a Director, CFO and Business development for hire we can do in a day what most take months, specializing in structure, strategy, financial pro forma plans and of course FINANCING. By assisting in Accounting, Finance and business development. Over the past 33 years, Mr. Goldman has been involved in over 150+ business ventures, has helped develop over $250 million in sales and business development and has assisted in raising over $72 million in equity financing.

Have assisted in taking many company’s public AND DOING DUE DILIGENCE. I┬áreviewed 1,000’s of business plans, assisted in writing over 500 plans and 800 financials (one of my specialties). MY REAL VALUE IS MY RELATIONSHIPS AND 33 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

Specialties: Accounting, Business Acceleration, CFO, VP of Finance, Investor Relations & Business Develpment for hire and Financial Plans & Pro Formas